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Huerfano County Emergency Management Agency has signed a contract with Emergency Communications Network, Inc., also known as Code Red. The function of the Code Red system is to notify residents and businesses by phone message of potential or on going emergency situations. The system has the ability to deliver up to 60,000 calls per hour.
This service is only for residents and business located in Huerfano County. In order to ensure that your residence or business is registered in the system it is recommended that you to on the internet and enter your personal information.
Code Red is a patented message delivery system that ensures messages are delivered in full. The system calls each number up to 3 times.
Please read on and see why the Code Red System will help the community
  • It will assure that as many residents as possible receive accurate and clear information.
  • Provide documented confirmation of the individuals and businesses alerted.
  • Contacts cell phones and pages if requested when registering.
  • Reduce the demand on emergency personnel's time when mass notification may be of critical importance.

Do you have concerns with how the Code Red system works? Please read on...


The CodeRED system will be used to sent critical communications, from evacuation notices to missing child alerts.

Caller ID

When you see 866-419-5000 displayed, you will know the call is from us. If you would like to hear the lst message delivered to your phoone, simply dial the number back.


Your contact information remains private and will only be used for community notifications.

Join Our Data Base

To make sure you receive notifications, please register on this website by clicking on the CodeRED link below.

Code Red Registration

To download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, Click the link below.

Code Red Mobile App