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General Statement of Duties

Position provides intake and ongoing intensive social casework services to families where child abuse or neglect is present or suspected, or in families involved in youth in conflict situation in order to resolve these circumstances.  Assignments include the provision of extensive assessment and situational evaluation, counseling, crisis intervention, resource mobilization and information and referral around all areas of child protection.

Job Requirements and Difficulty of Work

Worker is involved in crisis intervention, evaluation and preliminary treatment planning of neglecting and abusive parents; providing prevention and intervention services to families to reduce the risk for abuse and neglect and to prevent the need for out of home placement, emergency placement of children, preparation and participation in dependency and neglect hearings and joint investigations with various law enforcement agencies.  May enter homes to remove abused children where there is a threat of violence.  Problems are often resolved under conditions of stressful and emotionally charged situations. 

Supervises placement of children and coordinates parent/child visits; determines when and if a child should be recommended to return to the home.

Makes evaluation and assessment of need for services; provides crisis intake and/or develops long term case plans appropriate to the child(ren) and family.  Monitors progress of clients and modifies case plans as needed.

Attends court hearings; confer with attorney, children, parents, witnesses and significant others with regard to their respective roles.

Provides ancillary assignments as needed; including preparing and maintaining client records; including but not limited to state required forms, court reports and computer data entry into State system.

These are professional training level positions in which assignments are planned and devised to develop and teach professional social casework techniques and concepts unique to child protection.  Basic foundations of professional theories, concepts, and principles are required.

Minimum Qualifications

EDUCATION:                          Bachelor’s degree in one of the human behavioral science fields.

EXPERIENCE:                          Preferred but not required

SUBSTITUTION:                     None

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Computer knowledge and good communication skills

SALARY:  42,348 yearly, negotiable depending on experience.  Full benefit package.

Drug testing and background checks are required.  HCDHS is an equal opportunity employer.

HOW TO APPLY: Applications are available at 121 W 6th Street Walsenburg, CO, or by e-mailing or by calling 719-738-2810 ext. 110   Open until filled.

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