About the Projects

The Huerfano County Cooperative Planning Projects consist of an update to the Comprehensive Plan, a Hazard Mitigation Plan, and an Innovative Housing Strategies Plan.

A Comprehensive Plan is a document that helps municipalities and counties identify priorities and take stock of existing issues and opportunities for the area. Comprehensive plans are typically updated every 5-15 years and involve thorough community engagement. Huerfano County’s comprehensive plan was last updated in 2018. 

A Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) is a guide that helps communities to prepare for and reduce the risks associated with natural and man-made hazards, such as floods, tornados, and wildfires. The plan outlines the types of hazards that may affect a particular area, identifies the vulnerabilities of a community, and prioritizes actions that can be taken to reduce or avoid the negative impacts of these hazards. The HMP involves outreach and coordination with many different public officials and operators on hazard mitigation and risk reduction strategies. The Huerfano County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan was last updated in 2017. 

The Innovative Housing Strategies Plan is a planning process intended to identify barriers to and opportunities for affordable housing in Huerfano County. The project involves a robust analysis of existing conditions for housing and land use in the Town of La Veta, City of Walsenburg, and Unincorporated Huerfano County. The project will culminate in a set of policy, design, and funding strategies to increase the viability of affordable and attainable housing in Huerfano County. 

Why Coordinate These Projects?

For efficiency reasons, the City, County, and Town are collaborating and pursuing these three projects simultaneously. There is significant overlap between the three projects: for example, the Comprehensive Plan will recommend certain land use strategies, which can be directly informed by the findings of the Hazard Mitigation Plan and Innovative Housing Strategies Plan.

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