Spanish Peaks Regional Airport
County Road 101
Walsenburg, CO 81089


The Spanish Peaks Regional Airport has two 9/27 which is paved and 3/21 which is turf/dirt. The terminal building has two restrooms with one having a full walk in shower (please bring your own shower necessities and toiletries), a small kitchen with coffee pots, microwave, and small sink as well as a lounge area with tv.

Pilot's Lounge

The pilots lounge is accessible by inputting the AWOS number and Pound(#) on the door's keypad.


Aviation fuel is self serve with 100 Low Lead and Jet A Available.

Courtesy Car

Courtesy Car service is currently unavailable, but will return soon.

Hangar Space

Hangar space is available. Please consult the development guide in the link above.

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