Debra J. Reynolds - Treasurer and Public Trustee

The Office of the Huerfano County Treasurer has responsibility for the collection, custody and distribution of county funds. The collection process consists of the preparation and dispatching of annual tax notices, including those in a delinquent state, for all real estate in Huerfano County. The tax collections do extend to areas such as personal property, distraints, and pre-collection for mobile homes. The Treasurer holds an annual tax lien sale in an effort to gather outstanding tax monies which are due. The Treasurer’s Office is the official source for all Certificates of Taxes Due. Once tax funds have been collected, the Treasurer’s Office distributes monies to the various entities for whom taxes are collected, including school districts within the County. Pursuant to statutory guidelines and the Huerfano County Investment Policy, the Treasurer invests County funds with the direct goal of receiving a maximum return rate, while maintaining integrity and safety.

The Treasurer’s Office serves as a general collection agency for all County Departments and is responsible for maintaining the records and payments for all Huerfano County Warrants issued.

The Treasurer’s Office adheres to all requirements of the Colorado Revised Statutes and is responsible for administering all new laws relating to these Statutes.

Pay Online:

Huerfano County Treasurer offers Tax Payments now online available through Point & Payment Credit Card Payments. 

For added convenience, taxpayers may use an American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit card, debit card and electronic checks are also accepted.  Your account number and the schedule number are the same.  You can find that located on the bottom portion of the tax notice.

For account number information please call

Note: A convenience fee will be applied

2022 Tax Lien Sale

2023 Real Estate Property Taxes Due 2024

Note: Please allow a moment for the tax roll to download to your browser.  To find your information, press Ctrl-F or select Edit->Find in your Internet browser and type your Last Name to find your current Tax due.

Treasurer Forms:

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Rhonda – Deputy Treasurer/Public Trustee
Deborah – Chief Admin Clerk
Blanca – Admin Clerk

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