The Huerfano County Building Authority oversees contractor licensing and reviews a number of issues related to building permitting. Specifically, the Authority sets standards for and hears complaints against contractors and is empowered to take corrective action involving contractor licenses and building permits. The Authority also reviews and decides on a number of building questions, such as alternative building methods and building conversions.

Meeting Schedule


The Authority has between 3 and 7 members, each serving three year terms.

Current Members

NameAppointedTerm Ends
Bruce RoscoeDecember 21, 2021December 31, 2025
Jeff AckeAugust 31, 2021December 31, 2024
Mary NorbyAugust 31, 2021December 31, 2023
Ryan GiesAugust 31, 2021December 31, 2024

Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority

The powers and duties of the Authority are outlined in the Huerfano County Building Regulations.

  • The members of the Authority shall be familiar with all uniform codes, international codes, model codes, and local ordinances adopted by the county regarding the residential and commercial building industry.
  • The Authority shall hear any appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the Staff relative to Contractor Licensing or the application and interpretation of this Code.
  • The Authority shall hear any complaints against contractors, whether originating from Staff or the public, and after a public hearing, issue a determination and if needed issue a warning, suspension, or revocation of the contractor’s license or building permit.
  • The Authority shall advise participating jurisdictions, including the Huerfano County Board of County Commissioners regarding the licensure of contractors and tradesmen, including but not limited to A, B, or C general contractors, mechanical contractors, specialty contractors, and mobile home contracting businesses.
  • The Authority shall set experience requirements for contractors by resolution of the Authority and without the approval of the participating jurisdictions.
  • The Authority shall review and either Approve, Conditionally Approve, or Deny applications for the following:
    • to use alternative building methods
    • for a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued after the lapse or expiration of a building permit
    • for a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued when the inspection record is incomplete.
    • to convert a non-residential structure into a residential structure

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