Huerfano County Burn Permit Request Form

STANDARD OPEN BURNING CONDITIONS (the applicant acknowledges and agrees to abide by these conditions):

  •  Burn Permits must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the requested burn dates, and are valid for 5 days from the date of final approval. 
  • The burn supervisor must notify the Huerfano County Dispatch Center at 719-738-1044 immediately prior to starting the fire and at the conclusion of the fire. If any temporary fire restrictions or weather conditions are in place at that time, the permittee will be advised to reschedule for a later date. 
  •  The burn supervisor must notify dispatch that the burn has been completed. 
  •  The burn supervisor is liable for all damages to property of his or others and is responsible for cost associated with the fire suppression if fire department intervention is necessary. 
  •  Permittee shall only burn in piles that do not exceed 8'x8'x8'. No more than 49 piles may be burned during the life of this permit
  •  Burning in barrels or incinerators is not permitted.
  •  The permittee is responsible for checking the daily air quality forecast, before igniting the burn, to ensure that no Air Pollution Alert or Ozone Action Day alert has been issued for the location of the burn. For more information: 
  •  This permit can be revoked at any time by the fire chief or authorized agent and will become null and void upon either: 

                 *the issuance of a “fire ban” by the Huerfano County Commissioners or Huerfano County Sheriff; 

                 *public announcement of a period of air pollution emergency or alert; 

                *or of notification of a high-wind watch/warning day and/or a fire weather watch/red flag warning day. 

  •   At no time shall the burn be left unattended. Burning shall be supervised by one or more responsible persons depending on the type of burning. Precautions shall be taken to localize the burning and in no way constitute a fire hazard to persons/property within or adjacent to the area of burning. The granting authority and the employees or agents thereof, in the issuing of a permit, do not assume any responsibility or results in damage to the person or property of the permittee, or the person or property of any third person. 
  •  Other permits may be required or other state and federal laws and regulations may apply to the safe and legal burning of the material described herein. 
  •  Burns that require fire department assistance to help property owners keep the fire under control may incur a fee for equipment, mileage and hours. 
  •  Burning shall be restricted to the item(s) and location identified in the permit. 
  •  Issuance of the permit signifies that the requesting individual has permission by the fire chief or other authorized agent to conduct controlled open burning of grass, brush, tree trimmings and other combustible debris not to include rubber, plastic, oils, asphalt or any other material which is considered to emit hazardous smoke or other byproducts at the location specified in this application. 
  •  “Ignition” of material includes both starting a fire and adding more material to an existing fire. All fires must be completely extinguished no later than sunset. 
  •  This permit is for compliance with air pollution requirements only and is not a permit to violate any existing local laws, rules, regulations or ordinances regarding fire, zoning or building. 
  •  This permit is only valid for unincorporated Huerfano County in this permit. Burns within the municipal limits of the    Town of La Veta or City of Walsenburg do not use this process. 
  •  Any violations of these same conditions and restrictions shall render this permit null and void. 

By Checking this Box I accept that I have read and Understand the STANDARD OPEN BURNING CONDITIONS

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