To All Huerfano County Voters

When setting up the Huerfano County 2024 Primary Election in the statewide voter registration and election management system, we transposed a digit when naming our ballot styles and issued ballots with the wrong state house district to every voter in the County. We are sending a corrected mail ballot packet to every active voter in the county. We currently expect corrected ballot packets to be delivered to Huerfano County voters on Friday June 14th or Saturday June 15th. The corrected ballot will clearly state that it is a corrected ballot.

It’s important to know that this error does not and will not affect the accurate tabulation of votes in this election. The error here resulted in voters receiving the incorrect ballot style, and we will fix the error by ensuring every active eligible voter receives a ballot containing all and only the races for which they are eligible to vote.

We became aware of the problem late in the evening on Saturday, June 8th. I notified the Secretary of State’s Office and our vendor shortly before midnight. I called both offices early Sunday morning, and we spent Sunday diagnosing the issue and the best way to fix it. My office is contacting UOCAVA voters who received their ballots by mail to notify them of the error and advise them they can access the correct ballot electronically.

If you haven’t already returned your voted ballot, destroy the original incorrect packet you received and mark and return the corrected ballot in the return envelope contained in the corrected ballot packet.

Voters who already returned their original ballot may also mark and return a corrected ballot. The Clerk’s Office will hold any incorrect ballots received until 7pm on Election Day, to give every voter the same opportunity to vote a correct ballot. If a voter marks and returns the corrected ballot, the incorrect ballot they returned will not be counted. We will only count one ballot per voter, either the corrected ballot or the original ballot.

Unaffiliated voters will receive corrected ballots for both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Unaffiliated voters must decide which party’s primary election they want to vote in by marking and returning ONLY that party’s ballot and destroying the other ballot. If a voter marks and returns both major party ballots, neither will count.

Please call the Clerk’s Office with any questions. 719-738-3000 ext 503


Erica Vigil
Huerfano County Clerk and Recorder

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