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The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has updated the COVID‐19 Guidelines on mask‐wearing, vaccinations, testing, travel restrictions, and COVID‐19 time off. The following is a summary of these recommendations:

Mask Wearing: The BOCC strongly recommends mask‐wearing for all staff and visitors at this time. This means a mask over your nose and mouth. Elected officials can mandate masks in their offices if they choose. Employees working in shared spaces are highly encouraged to wear a mask when at their desk as well as when visiting other departments or offices.

Vaccinations: COVID‐19 vaccinations are not required but are strongly encouraged. To incentivize employees to get fully vaccinated, the County is offering a $500 incentive. To receive the incentive, the proof of vaccination must be provided to HR on or before DECEMBER 1, 2021. Incentive payments will go out through December 31, 2021. As a reminder, COVID‐19 vaccinations are available through the Health Department and other health facilities.

COVID‐19 Testing: Check with the local Health Department for times, dates, and location of testing sites. The County does have some available rapid test. Please call Brittney Cia lo, Emergency Manager for information for the availability of these tests.

Travel Restrictions: CDC recommends anyone who is not fully vaccinated is strongly urged to delay travel until fully vaccinated. It is highly recommended to get tested 1‐3 days before any travel outside the region. Should an employee travel out of state or the region, self‐monitor for signs of COVID‐19 symptoms. Isolate and get tested if
symptoms develop. Notify HR if a COVID‐19 test is taken and the results are positive.

Quarantine or Isolation Procedures: In the event of a positive test or being informed of
contact with someone who has tested positive, employees are required to isolate or
quarantine as instructed by the Health Department. Employees must provide HR with a
copy of the quarantine letter issued by the Health Department. Should Employees be
unable to work from home they must use sick leave, vacation time, or comp time.
COVID‐19 related sick time for quarantining or recovering from COVID‐19 may be
available – check with HR.

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