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The Plan below is the result of the recently completed Phase 2 of the Rural Technical Assistance Program (RTAP), an Outdoor Recreation-focused collaborative process that involved the Town of La Veta, City of Walsenburg, Huerfano County, and many community organizations and private citizens representing the entire County, including Gardner and Cuchara. These efforts ultimately resulted in a 24-month Community Action Plan targeting initiatives in five distinct goals: Community Collaboration, Economic Development, Connectivity through environmentally responsible outdoor recreation infrastructure, Equitable Access to outdoor recreation opportunities, and Sustainability & Conservation.

These goals were identified through extensive work by both the Steering Committee and community engagement efforts over the past six months that were representative of every population center in Huerfano County, and this plan is the result of countless hours of studying and analysis by the University of Colorado – Boulder Master’s of the Environment team, as well as the tireless efforts of a robust Steering Committee.

Huerfano County would like to express a deep gratitude and appreciation to the more than 15 community organizations and over 40 people who provided feedback and direct participation in the last six months, and we hope to see this participation and momentum continue and grow as we work towards implementing the action steps in the RTAP plan over the next 24 months!

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