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Why Redistrict?

Redistricting is the process to redraw county commissioner district boundaries so they accurately reflect population changes in Colorado counties.

Under State law, all counties must review their commissioner district boundaries after each federal census to ensure the districts are as equal in population as possible.  Specifically, there should be no more than a 5% difference between the most populous and the least populous district in each county, at the time such district boundaries are adopted.  Counties are required to use population data prepared by staff of the Legislative Council and Office of Legislative Legal Services.  This is the same data used for Congressional and State Legislative Redistricting and the numbers are not the same as the general population count.  See C.R.S. § 2-2-901

Traditionally, this review occurred in the year following the federal census. However, significant delays in availability of population data from the 2020 Census due to the COVID-19 pandemic led the State Legislature to pass HB21-1047, which extended the statutory deadline for counties to complete BOCC redistricting until September 30, 2023.

The County has reviewed our Commissioner Districts and determined that redistricting is required. Currently, District 2 is the largest district with 2175 people and District 3 is the smallest with 1685.  A deviation of approximately 25%.

The Process

The Board of County Commissioners held a public hearing during their regular meeting on May 9, 2023 at 10 AM in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room in the Historic County Courthouse, 401 Main Street, Suite 309, Walsenburg, CO 81089.

After the conduct of the public hearing the Board of County Commissioners gave direction to County Staff on the composition of the final map.  Staff are working to draft the final map to be adopted by resolution of the Board of County Commissioners, no sooner than thirty (30) days after the hearing.  The final maps were adopted by Resolution 23-32 on June 27, 2023.

Adopted Final Map

Proposed Final BOCC Map
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District 11898
District 21946
District 31878

The Current Map

Current BOCC Commissioner Districts
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District Population
District 1 1863
District 2 2175
District 3 1685

Proposed Potential New Maps

Exhibit A

Exhibit A - 2023 Redistricting
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District 11908
District 21911
District 31905

Exhibit B

Exhibit B - 2023 Redistricting
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District Population
District 1 1915
District 2 1901
District 3 1906

Exhibit C

Exhibit C - 2023 Redistricting
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District Population
District 1 1923
District 2 1880
District 3 1919

Exhibit D

Exhibit D - 2023 Redistricting
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District Population
District 1 1863
District 2 1953
District 3 1908

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