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In July, the Huerfano County Board of County Commissioners passed the Huerfano County Burn Ordinance, which went into effect August 20th, 2022. This ordinance will require that a permit is pulled for any open burn.

The permit process has been developed in coordination with all three Fire Districts. Permits can be obtained on the County website or through your local Fire District. The completed forms must be submitted to the County Land Use Department (which can also be done online at landuse@huerfano.us). An authorized official from the respective fire district will need to approve the burn and then dispatch will need to be notified before ignition and upon completion of the burn by the landowner.

Please remember our firefighters are volunteers and this process assists in greatly reducing call outs for unnecessary fire investigations. Please feel free to contact Brittney Ciarlo, Emergency Manager at 719-989-8977 or bciarlo@huerfano.us to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

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